Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why are many kids getting carpel tunnel syndrome for their neck? The answer will not surprise you.

The phenomenon is actually termed 'text neck' and as many as one in three teens are getting it. The Channel 7 Action News story features Rodnick Chiropractic in Union Lake.

  The story is about the growing problem that children and teens are facing that has been termed "text neck".  Studies show that 1/3 of all teenagers send at least 100 text messages per day.  While typing their messages they have their heads tilted down usually about 3 inches.  Studies also show that for every inch the ears are in front of the shoulders an extra 10 lbs. of pressure is being put on the cervical spine or neck.  All this extra pressure is a big reason why so many more children now are suffering from symptoms like neck pain, headaches, and upper back pain.  Believe it or not we're seeing a lot of degenerative changes and even early arthritis in more and more teens.  Knowing about "text neck" is very important to combat the stress it's putting on your childrens spines.