Thursday, May 8, 2014

Donelson Hills 'Breakfast with a Hero' draws police, fire, families and Paws!

     The Waterford Schools breakfast program where all kids can have a healthy breakfast regardless of income has been rolled out at three elementary schools and Donelson Hills is one of the schools. Karen Gomez said her school statistically has 87-percent of students in the poverty range and this helps with getting her students off to a good start learning each day. Titled 'Breakfast with a Hero,' members of the Waterford Police and Fire Departments, parents eatin with their children and the Detroit Tigers' Paws all made this a super event. The program is being rolled out to other Waterford Elementary schools next school year and teachers and administrators can be confident students will have food in their stomachs and will be hitting the ground running to learn

A video story will be available later Thursday with Paws, interviews and more. For now, the photos are in the front page of the Oakland Press online and below.