Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Waterford Parks and Rec Millage needs passing if the programs are to continue

     The Waterford Parks and Recreation has been serving the local community since the 1950's. They have been doing an outstanding job and in spite of all they have done, they have had a really tough time getting a millage passed.  The reasons are very perplexing to me as many people use the services but the message has fallen on deaf ears. I do know they were up against police and fire millages at the same time and while the former were passed, the P&R was the shutout. They have been helping citizens from infants taking classes bonding with their parents, to t-ball and they have great programs for the seniors. Still, the P&R has been losing revenue for years with the property value decreases of the great recession of 2008 greasing the rails for a dramatic loss of money to subsidize the programs and they have laid off just about all but a skeletal crew and have had to cut services to the point of no return. On August 5th, they have put a half mill request to the voters that comes to $2.04 per month for a homeowner with a valuation of $98,000 or $24.50 per year. This covers community events which are held at very reasonable rates and often are free such as the Concerts at the Park at Hess Hathaway Park. The Waterford P&R also operated several ballparks, canoe sites and the hidden gem known as the Drayton Plains Nature Center. Check out the short video which shows some of the parks and the need for the millage increase.