Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's a Kahoot If your using

   When I first heard about at the Fulton County Schools teacher induction program, I had no idea what to think. But using a kid/adult friendly program where you use technology whether it be phone, I-Pad or computer could show students that learning is fun. For educators you know you cannot keep phones out of the classroom and if you work for an employer that encourages technology and using cell phones, this is a great way to go. So what is it? Its a free program where teachers create questions on quizzes, surveys or start conversations and students simply answer them. The rest is really a blast.

Great reasons to use it.

1. Students go nuts! Watching students go crazy in a positive way when learning is a tremendous teaching tool. Please set ground rules. Everyone needs to be seated and not walking around the class.I stop the game if students violate this unless they cannot read a question which is pretty rare.

2. You can use data depending on the device. These days, its all about the data. Data is somewhat reliable when every student has their own device and uses what they know and answers questions the quickest becomes the new leader. Teachers can look at data afterward to drive instruction. They key is making sure students do not share answers unless you want them to in a group setting. You can see where you need to reteach or where student mastery has occurred.

3. Students can create questions- When a student takes ownership and they see their name next to a question being asked. Have students research a question from material based on the standards and you have students teaching students.
4. Teachers create questions- It's a big duh but use questions from your pre and post tests. Its a great ticket in or out the door.
5. Competitive atmosphere- Students love to compete and they realize time is just as important as mastery in order to win.

1. Downsides- There are a few. Data works best when students have their own device. Believe it or not, not all students will have a cell phone in middle and even high school. Elementary teachers will certainly have to use laptops or I-Pads or even the media center.

2. Use it no more than once per week. After that, you are taking a fun activity and taking the edge off of something fun. We always want our students looking forward to doing whatever we do.
Here is the link to the free signup