Sunday, January 4, 2015

11 Habits of an Effective teacher- How many do you practice?

     That headline is a whopper. Most educators do some of the 11 described below superbly and your evaluations reflect it. Most teachers need some improvement in some areas. In an article from Edutopia written by Carrie Lam, she points out 11 ways educators could do self reflection on their teaching practices. While embracing change (below) is not number one, I think Carrie does a great job of outlining what every educator should think about. 

In life, things don't always go according to plan. This is particularly true when it comes to teaching. Be flexible and go with the flow when change occurs. An effective teacher does not complain about changes when a new principal arrives. They do not feel the need to mention how good they had it at their last school or with their last group of students compared to their current circumstances. Instead of stressing about change, embrace it with both hands and show that you are capable of hitting every curve ball that comes your way!
 To see the complete list, use the link below.