Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beaumont Elementary in Waterford Showered with School Supplies

    An awesome feelgood story is the Office Max program that rewarded Beaumont Elementary School in Waterford with $1,800 on behalf of Ms. Reyburn. Principal Jen McCartin took the time with an Office Max spokesperson to thank Ms. Reyburn for her service to the school community in this video produced by the Oakland Press.

Waterford Beaumont Elementary receives nearly $2,000 in school supplies from Office Max WITH VIDEO

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A surprised Tracy Reyburn, a third grade teacher a Beaumont Elementary School in Waterford, reacts when it was announced that Office Max was donating $1,800 worth of school supplies to the school on her behalf.

Reyburn is just one of 1000 teachers across the U.S. to receive supplies from Office Max Tuesday