Friday, October 5, 2012

Student putting Synthetic Marijuana on Peers Food Expelled

     I hate these stories and we all do. When a student puts anything in someone's food, it is the biggest breach of trust we can have. I hate the action of those who cheat on tests and then lie about it but when it comes to food, that is taking the action to an entirely new level. The story where a student who allegedly put synthetic marijuana in the food of four students food is not new but just as disturbing. It is such a taboo that it is not really addressed in schools. I think many schools already pass out food by a caregiver such as a lunch person or parent and then passes it out to all students. That is or should be the rule. Students passing out food other than a sealed bag of chips should be policy at schools. Besides the germs and plenty of other issues, the policy should be do not do it. The Channel Four story is below.  

Authorities say four Catholic middle school students in Detroit got sick after eating a snack that a fellow student may have tainted with marijuana or synthetic marijuana.

The Archdiocese of Detroit says three of the four students were taken to a hospital on Wednesday from Most Holy Trinity School and one was hospitalized in stable condition.

A letter to parents says the student who is believed to have sprinkled the substance on the snack without the knowledge of the others has been expelled.

Detroit police are investigating.

The school has about 140 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.