Sunday, December 9, 2012

Conscious Discipline Changing Students into Proactive Thinkers

Becky Bailey Ph.D.
Shubert is a character in Conscious Discipline

I had the opportunity to visit Sandberg Elementary in Waterford where they employ with the help of Oakland Schools' Mary Masson, the tools to help students to be proactive thinkers not only in the classroom, but in order to better manage their personal lives. Daily role play, per interaction and tools are used to help students. Started by Ph.D. Becky Bailey, the brain based activities help students think with the front part of their brains and to be more productive students.
The Oakland Press video story appears on News at Noon, their online website and in the Master Educator blog and soon to be website.

- Professional 4:40 Video Oakland Press 2 Minute Video and

Interview with Principal Steve Garrison- 90 Seconds-

Interview with Oakland Schools Mary Masson 3 Minutes-

Interview with teacher Gail Baker 1 minute-