Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why Waterford Schools sports are not being televised and what you can do to change that

    When I was the lead Play-by-Play man for Comcast Sports starting in 1986 going to 1997, we broadcast small college and high school sports weekly with multiple broadcasts. Many people will remember we did 1-2 football games weekly (between Waterford and Pontiac) with very high production values, roughly 15 basketball (both boys and girls) in the winter, (volleyball, wrestling and a full slate of spring sports weather permitting. Our goal is to cover high school sports in the capacity that we used to and even better with today’s technology.

Here are a few solutions as I see it.

1. Involve High School students-
High school students have the opportunity to expand their video production education by contacting our local Media Network station. (248-682-0401). Media Network has multiple resources from computer programs, Tricaster (multiple camera productions) and software programs that are in demand by employers in the broadcasting digital media arts industries. The local coordinator for Media Network Josh Bowren has over 30 years of experience including currently working at Channel 7. He is based out of the Covert Center across from Mott.  Students would be wise to learn from him, Denise, myself and a few others from all aspects of video production, commercials and PSA's and build their resume for college. Internships at Media Network with hands on experience with real learning brought back to the classroom.

2. Involve- The Community at Large 
If you have ever had the idea of starting a show for your civic organization or want to learn how to make PSA’s for the organization, we are glad to assist. The equipment is free to check out after training by Media Network personnel. The bottom line is are looking for more people to get involved in community & school productions including sports.  If you know an uncle or aunt, brother or sister that would love to learn and participate in Television Production, please send them our way.

 Training is available at Media Network on everything from camera work, green screen, video editing in multiple formats to Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. For an exact schedule of the workshops, call Media Network. As for the sports schedule (look below).
Call Media Network (Josh or Denise) 248-682-0401 or myself Roy Akers 248-238-4449. The schedule is below.

      Media Network with be broadcasting several events involving both OCC and Waterford Schools this spring. Tennis, softball, baseball, soccer and golf will be on tap. The highlight of the coverage will be Mott vs. Kettering softball (April 23rd) and the Oakland County Golf tournament from the 17th hole at Pontiac Country Club where coaches from teams will join me.
All games are aired in Waterford on TV-10 or ATT U-Verse on Channel 99 and go to the Waterford Channel next to the Waterford Schools news channel. 
Wed. April 23 Mott at Kettering High School Softball Crew call 4pm 
Sat. April 26 OCC Highland Lakes Softball Crew call
Tue.  May 6th Pierce Jr High School Tennis Courts Crew Tennis 4pm +
Wed. May 14 Kettering vs Mott Lacrosse