Saturday, February 23, 2013

Girls in Science: Robot Garage Combines Robots and Girls  The numbers are staggering. Girls working in STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is only at a national average of 20%. Many girls do not consider the programs as career alternatives and this is a big mistake according to industry professionals. For those parents that put their children in softball, golf and other sports, they find out that their daughters might get a quarter scholarship. That is not the case of robotics programs. Girls that show aptitude in science can earn full scholarships and make a lot more money than those that go into teaching, management and so forth. In a story I have for done for the Oakland Press, the Robot Garage is a Lego based business in Birmingham that caters to students and they took their show on the road to Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills where science day wowed the girls. The story focuses on girls in science using Lego robots using the scientific method. The Robot Garage works with both boys and girls and they find it fun. Smart school districts use the Lego based robots to solve problems in both math and science inquiry. The 2 minute story is below.