Thursday, February 21, 2013

Windsor teachers get revenge on students and could be out of a job

     In a story that shows teachers can have pretty poor judgement, getting revenge on students could leave faculty looking for a job. If you catch students in the act of poor judgement, getting revenge instead of talking to administrators is a poor idea. These Windsor teachers did this to themselves.
By: Tom Wait- Video story below
(WXYZ) - Cruel prank, or funny joke? Teachers at a school in Windsor told their 8 th grade students they were going on a trip to Disney World.
Days later they told the students it was all a joke.
Parents and students at Rosedale in south Windsor are not laughing – and neither is the district.
Officials are calling the stunt a big mistake and that it showed “extremely poor judgment.”
District officials and parents tell us the prank started after students were snooping through a teacher’s desk and found Disney brochures. Apparently thinking it was time to teach the kids a lesson the teachers came up with the nasty prank.
Parents of the students affected say their kids were shown a presentation and even were told about boarding arrangements.
Last Friday the kids left thinking they were going on a trip to Orlando. After coming back to class this week after a long holiday weekend they got the bad news.
Officials with the Greater Essex County School Board are not commenting on whether any of the teachers involved are being punished because the situation is a closed personnel matter.

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